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Applying to Cambridge

If you’re a disabled student considering Cambridge, you’re advised to get in touch with the Disability Resource Centre (DRC) and a College admissions office as early as possible to discuss your application and specific requirements.

We strongly recommend that you indicate your disability and provide any relevant information in your UCAS application. Such disclosures are looked at separately from academic assessment and allow us, for example, to make appropriate adjustments to the interview process, if needed. If a particular College meets your specific requirements we recommend you apply to that College rather than make an open application.

Location and accessibility

Students are based in Colleges for day-to-day living and go to a faculty/department for lectures, practical work etc. Therefore, we encourage you to visit before applying to assess the suitability of your intended College and department, including their locations relative to each other.

The DRC’s online Disability Access Guide is a useful starting point for information regarding facilities and accessibility.

Disabled Student Applications

Supporting Disabled Students

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