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Applying to Cambridge

We're keen for our admissions process to be as accessible and inclusive as possible for all students with the academic ability and potential to flourish at Cambridge.

We strongly encourage you to disclose any disability, SpLD, long-term health condition or mental health condition and provide any relevant information in your UCAS application.

You application won't be adversely affected by declaring this – it'll be processed in exactly the same way as any other application, and considered on the same academic grounds as all other candidates.

However, if you're eligible for reasonable adjustments as a result of a disability or health condition, we're keen to know about this as soon as possible so there's sufficient time to put required support in place, both as part of the application process and (if successful) in time for your arrival.

If your disability or health condition has implications for your living arrangements, it's also worth noting that College accommodation is often in high demand and making reasonable adjustments with respect to accommodation and/or location is more straightforward to implement early in the process.

Should you choose not to disclose a disability or health condition at all, please be aware that this may limit the level and type of support the collegiate University can provide. We may not be able to make reasonable adjustments and you may miss out on funding and support.

Admission assessments and interviews

Most applicants are required to take a subject-specific written assesment, either pre-interview1 or at interview; and around 75 per cent of applicants overall (proportion varies by course) are invited to interview each year. Disclosing a disability, SpLD or health condition in your UCAS application will enable us to make appropriate adjustments to the admission assessment and interview process, if required.


1 Please ensure you make your pre-interview assessment centre (likely to be your own school/college) aware early on of any relevant exam arrangements that may be necessary – for instance, there's an earlier registration deadline for modified papers.

Disabled Student Applications

Supporting Disabled Students

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