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How much is the application fee?

The following fee is payable for COPA applications, depending on your application type:

Application Type


Organ Scholarship application only

No fee

Overseas application only


Overseas and Organ Scholarship application

£30.00, comprising £30.00 overseas application fee (there is no additional fee for Organ Scholarship applications)

If a fee is applicable, you will be asked to pay this fee by debit or credit card when you submit your COPA. If you know you’ll be unable to pay by debit or credit card, please contact the Cambridge Admissions Office (telephone: +44 (0)1223 333308; email: as soon as possible to discuss alternative payment methods.

In the event that you are selected for an interview at a location outside the UK, an interview fee of £150.00 is payable prior to the interview date, unless you are selected for a remote interview in New York, in which case a remote interview fee of £80 will be payable prior to the interview date. Further information on this payment will be provided in the correspondence inviting you to attend an interview.

COPA Register / Login

Register or login to complete the Cambridge Online Preliminary Application.

COPA Register / Login

COPA Contact

T+44 (0)1223 333308

If you encounter problems completing the COPA please read the FAQs or email COPA Help. For all other application enquiries please contact the Cambridge Admissions Office.

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