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Application deadlines

All applicants must complete a Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) application and submit it to UCAS by the relevant deadline.

In addition to a UCAS application, applicants who are applying from countries outside the EU and applicants wishing to be considered for an Organ Scholarship must complete and submit a Cambridge Online Preliminary Application ("COPA") by the relevant deadline:

Organ Scholarship applications

Submit COPA by

Submit UCAS application by

Applicants who would like to be considered for an Organ Scholarship

1 September 2018
6.00pm (UK time)

15 October 2018
6.00pm (UK time)

Please note that it is not necessary to submit your UCAS application until after the Organ Trials.

Applicants applying from outside the EU

Submit UCAS application by

Submit COPA by

Applicants who would like to be considered for interview in China, Malaysia or Singapore

20 September 2018
11.59pm (UK time)

20 September 2018
6.00pm (UK time)

Applicants who are domiciled, permanently resident or at school/university in the SAR of Hong Kong who would like to be considered for interview in Hong Kong

15 October 2018
6.00pm (UK time)

19 October 2018
6.00pm (UK time)

Applicants who would like to be considered for interview in Canada or India, or for remote interview in New York

15 October 2017
6.00pm (UK time)

19 October 2017
6.00pm (UK time)

All other overseas applicants who would like to be considered for interview in Cambridge

15 October 2018
6.00pm (UK time)

19 October 2018
6.00pm (UK time)

For your application to the University of Cambridge (the "University") to be considered valid, you must make sure that all of the following items reach us by the appropriate deadline:

  • COPA application
  • UCAS application
  • Supplementary Application Questionnaire ("SAQ")
  • COPA fee payment (where applicable)
  • a copy of your UCAS reference
    • in the case of those with a COPA deadline earlier than 19 October 2018, the University will email your referee directly to request a copy of their reference along with predicted grades and ranking (ranking is not required for Organ Scholarship applicants). This information must reach us by no later than the relevant deadline, ie 1 September 2018 for Organ Scholarship applicants or 20 September 2018 for those applying to be considered for interview in China, Malaysia or Singapore. We will use the contact details for your UCAS referee you will have provided in your COPA to contact this person directly by email. We strongly recommend that you submit your COPA as early as possible to allow enough time for your referee to prepare and send us the required documents. Please note that your COPA will not be considered valid if the documents are not submitted by the set deadline
    • if you are submitting your COPA application for the 19 October 2018 deadline, the reference will be obtained from your UCAS application (the University will not email your UCAS referee separately)
  • a copy of your musical ability reference (in the case of Organ Scholarship applicants). You must provide your referee with a completed declaration coversheet and ensure that your referee submits your musical ability reference by the appropriate deadline
  • Transcripts (High School and/or University where required)

If you do not submit all required documentation and pay the correct application fee (if applicable) by the appropriate deadline, your application will be invalid and you will not be considered for admission.

Application Fees

The following fee is payable for COPA applications, depending on your application type:

Application Type


Organ Scholarship application only

No fee

Overseas application only


Overseas and Organ Scholarship application

£30.00, comprising £30.00 overseas application fee (there is no additional fee for Organ Scholarship applications)

If a fee is applicable, you will be asked to pay this fee by debit or credit card when you submit your COPA. If you know you will be unable to pay by debit or credit card, please contact the Cambridge Admissions Office (telephone: +44 (0)1223 333308; email: as soon as possible to discuss alternative payment methods.

In the event that you are selected for an interview at a location outside the UK, an interview fee of £150.00 is payable prior to the interview date, unless you are selected for a remote interview in New York, in which case a remote interview fee of £80 will be payable prior to the interview date. Further information on this payment will be provided in the correspondence inviting you to attend an interview.

Terms and Conditions

  1. You are responsible for ensuring that the information you provide in your COPA and any supporting documentation is complete and accurate. If the Cambridge Colleges or the University of Cambridge (collectively, the “University”) believe that you have left out any information or given false or misleading information, the University may take any necessary steps to check whether it is accurate or complete and, if it is not, the University will have the right to cancel your application (without returning your application fee). If you have any reason to believe that the information the University holds about you is not accurate or complete, you must tell us.
  2. The University may, at any time, ask you or your referee to provide more information about your application (for example, proof of identity, status, qualifications). If the University does not receive that information within a reasonable time period as set out by the University at the time when it makes the request, or if the information is inadequate, the University can cancel your application (without returning your application fee).
  3. The University will make all reasonable attempts to process applications and decisions efficiently and accurately. The University will endeavour to interview a high proportion of applicants, as long as they are available on the published interview dates, but it is not possible to guarantee that every applicant will be invited for interview as part of the assessment of their application.
  4. You understand and accept that, if you request feedback about your performance in the admissions process, it will be provided, at the discretion of the College supplying the feedback, either directly to you or via your referee/school/college.
  5. The admissions assessment and interview proceedings are confidential and you may not disclose their content to any commercial organisations at any point either during the admissions process or while you are a student at the University of Cambridge. While we understand that you may wish to discuss your interviews with advisers at your school/college, you are requested not to share full details of any questions asked with them.
  6. The University of Cambridge and the Cambridge Colleges will use the personal information you have provided for the purpose of processing your application and deciding whether to offer you a place for the course you have applied for. For further information on the use of your personal information during the application process, please see

COPA Register / Login

Applications for the current admissions round have now closed. The COPA will re-open in July 2018.

COPA Contact

T+44 (0)1223 333308

If you encounter problems completing the COPA please read the FAQs or email COPA Help. For all other application enquiries please contact the Cambridge Admissions Office.

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