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Undergraduate Study


You’ll be required to submit a High School Transcript as part of your application to Cambridge, unless you’ve taken IGCSEs/GCSEs and modular A/AS Levels or CIE A Levels where you are provided with Percentage Uniform Mark (PUM).

By transcript we mean a record of your academic achievement to date in your secondary school/college examinations, for example non-modular A Levels and IGCSEs/O Levels or other equivalent qualifications. Your transcript should be uploaded via the COPA/SAQ, as appropriate.

For most students, the transcript will be an official document or certificate from your school/college which lists the subjects you’ve studied and the grades/qualifications that you’ve achieved in the last/most recent two years of schooling. Please provide as much information on your examination performance as possible, including details of any internal assessments that you may have undertaken.

Please do NOT include references, detailed project work or any non-academic achievements.

Please do NOT submit a transcript if you’ve taken modular A/AS Levels or CIE A Levels, where you’re provided with Percentage Uniform Mark (PUM).

If the original transcript isn’t in English, you must have it translated and authorised (ie signed or stamped) by an official translation service or by your school/college.

See our PDF Creation Guide for instructions on creating your transcript PDF.