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What is Experience Cambridge?

Experience Cambridge can be thought of as a condensed version of the Summer Schools, it is a day-long, subject specific event which aims to provide attendees with an insight into what studying their subject of interest is like at undergraduate level. Whilst the timetables will differ for each subject, students can expect to engage with academic sessions and a subject specific admissions talk.

How do I apply?

You can’t apply to attend Experience Cambridge as we select participants from applicants to the Sutton Trust Summer Schools. If you have made an application to attend the Summer Schools, you will have the chance to indicate that you would also like to be considered for Experience Cambridge once we’ve confirmed receipt of your application.

We use the same selection criteria for Experience Cambridge as we do for the Summer Schools.

When will it take place?

Experience Cambridge will take place online on Friday 28 August.

How much does it cost?

There will be no cost to participate in the online Experience Cambridge event on Friday 28 August 2020. In usual circumstances, Experience Cambridge is a free event but you will have to take the cost of travel and accommodation into consideration when deciding if you would like to attend. Students are able to apply for support through the travel and accommodation fund which is allocated on a needs basis.


Contact Experience Cambridge

Experience Cambridge Team
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