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Undergraduate Study


Events and activities delivered by the HE Partnership

While this list is by no means exhaustive, below are details of some of the most common events and activities delivered by the HE Partnership across the region. Please contact the HE Partnership Co-ordinator for further details.

Information, advice and guidance sessions (IAG)

  • School-based
  • Suitable for class-sized groups of students in Years 9-11
  • A series of two or three IAG sessions is usually planned for each class-sized group in order to embed this activity into the school curriculum and have a much greater impact on the students than a single activity

Each IAG session focuses on a specific topic and is designed to support schools' existing PSHE (or equivalent) framework by building HE concepts into targeted learners' development.

Various topics can be covered in a series; for example an introductory session may be followed by sessions on UCAS/college courses and applications, student finance and budgeting, a Q&A with undergraduate ambassadors etc. These are often delivered on timescales varying from one session per week, through to one per term, depending on what partner schools require.

University visits

  • University-based
  • Suitable for around 30 learners - Years 9-11
  • Suitable as stand-alone activity or follow-up to an in-school IAG programme, often placed towards the end of the year

Campus visits are a fantastic opportunity for learners to step outside their comfort zones and realise for themselves what a university 'feels like'. These events are targeted at learners who may not have visited a university before, or even given serious thought to the idea of ever applying. Activities during the day can include working with undergraduate ambassadors, exploring the concept of what 'sort' of person goes to university, dispelling myths and debating with other learners the pros and cons of higher education compared to other educational/career routes.

Typical visits involve exploring environments such as student accommodation, common areas, libraries and lecture facilities. During the summer, some groups also like to spend time exploring Cambridge itself, soaking up the atmosphere in the town centre or punting on the river Cam.

Subject tasters

  • University of Cambridge based
  • Suitable for groups of various sizes and of almost any age
  • Suitable as a stand-alone activity or as a subject enrichment day

Many of the University of Cambridge's departments have dedicated outreach staff who arrange and support access to their facilities. There are also hundreds of academics and PhD students across the University who are keen to work with young people to raise awareness of their subjects or areas of research, or to supplement schools' curriculums with enrichment sessions.

Higher Education Getaways (HEGs)

  • Residential activity
  • Suitable for small groups of learners in Year 10
  • Involve students from several schools
  • Subject-specific focus, depending on host institution

HEGs are innovative mini-residential events offering a fantastic two-day, one-night experience for Year 10 learners. Utilising links with partner universities around the country, we take a mixture of learners from different schools on a relaxed, carefully structured trip to broaden horizons and meet new people in a new environment.

Typically, learners experience a day of outdoor team building and social activities on day one, staying together overnight, before spending day two at a partner university; touring the facilities, meeting current students and spending the afternoon with one or more departments to learn more about that subject.

A Day in the Life of a Student

  • Cambridge and school-based two-day activity
  • Suitable for small groups of learners in Year 10
  • Involves students from one or more schools
  • A high value University visit for a small group of students on day one, followed by feedback to the rest of their Year cohort in school with presentations on day two

A collaborative, local event with Anglia Ruskin University's (ARU) Cambridge campus; this activity is split into two parts which take place over two days.

On the first day, a group of Year 10 learners visit sites at both ARU and the University of Cambridge; meeting undergraduates, getting a feel for university life, and touring the city centre. Working in groups with cameras, learners photo-document their 'day in the life of a student'.

These images are then used in the follow-up day at school, with each group producing a presentation using their photos and covering different facets of the 'university experience' that they explored. At the end of the second day, these presentations are delivered to their peers during an assembly to their Year/house/etc cohort (as appropriate).

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