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What is Insight+?

Insight+ aims to help sixth form students in Cambridgeshire to make competitive applications to selective Higher Education Institutions, through a range of events and resources.

Students receive additional subject specific teaching across five subject strands (English, Physics, Maths, Chemistry and History), delivered by experienced teachers and departmental outreach practitioners.

In addition, students receive information and guidance about applying to selective higher education institution and will be invited to attend Experience Cambridge in June 2020.

Students will also have access to an online mentoring platform throughout the duration of the programme.

For full details of the programme, including event dates and frequently asked questions, please read the PDF icon Insight+ Student Guide 2020-21.

Currently the Insight+ cohort are accessing academic support through online tutoring and will begin the online mentoring, which aims to support them in applying to university, in the Summer.

How do I apply?

In order to apply, students should be on track to achieve a B in their chosen subject strands. Applications will be verified by teachers. Applications to join Insight+ 2020–2021 have now closed. Applications for Insight+ 2021-2022 will open in January 2021.

The University of Cambridge is committed to widening participation to higher education. As part of this work, we would like to work with and support students who may have experienced either educational disadvantage or belong to a group that is statistically less likely to progress to higher education. First priority on this programme will therefore be given to applicants according to the following criteria (in order of importance):

  • Students who are in care or care-experienced
  • Students who have been eligible for free school meals in the last six years
  • Students who belong to an under-represented ethnic group:
    • Black African or Black Caribbean
    • Pakistani or Bangladeshi
    • Roma, Gypsy or Traveller
  • Students who have experienced disruption in their education such as:
    • Medical/health issues (including mental health), particularly those that have resulted in long or extended periods of absence (over eight weeks) from school in the last six years
    • Bereavement of a close family member (e.g. parent/carer) in the last six years
    • Being a young carer
    • Becoming a parent
    • Being an asylum seeker or refugee
    • Becoming estranged from close family members (e.g. parents/carers)
    • Moving schools more than once in the last six years
    • Other disruption (to be specified)
  • Students who are resident in areas with relatively low participation in higher education (using POLAR4) or in areas with less advantaged socio-economic characteristics (using IMD).
  • Students who currently attend or have attended an Insight school

Contact Insight+

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Insight+ Team
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