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The table below details the application process timeline.

Date Application process
March 2018 onwards Research the courses available at Cambridge and consider your College or open application choice.
May 2018 onwards If there's information that you need that you can't find on the University or College websites, please contact the relevant College admissions office, who'll be happy to answer your specific questions.
July-October 2018 Complete and submit your COPA together with the appropriate application fee. Open applications are processed by computer program and are allocated to Colleges shortly after the 15 October UCAS deadline, which thereafter take over the admissions process and will contact you directly. You must also submit a UCAS application by the relevant deadline.
20 September 2018 If you'd like to be considered for interview in China, Malaysia, or Singapore:
15 October 2018 If you'd like to be considered for interview in Cambridge, Canada1,  Hong Kong1 or India:

1 restrictions apply (see overseas interviews)

If you're applying for a course which requires a pre-interview written assessment:

  • you must be registered in advance for the pre-interview written assessment – the assessment centre where you'll take your pre-interview assessment must register you (you can't register yourself); please see the information about the pre-interview assessments for details of registration deadlines as some students must be registered for their assessment by a date earlier than 15 October
19 October 2018 If you'd like to be considered for interview in Cambridge, Canada1 or Hong Kong1:

1 Restrictions apply (see overseas interviews)

22 October 2018 You must have submitted your Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ) by 6.00pm (UK time).
September-December 2018
  • Applicants are interviewed.
  • You may be asked to submit samples of your written work to your College.
  • Most applicants are required to sit an admissions assessment.

See Interviews and Admissions Assessments for further information.

Late January 2019 You're notified of the decision. The possibilities are:
  • you may be unsuccessful
  • you may be made an offer of a conditional place, subject to obtaining specified examination grades
  • you may be made an offer of an unconditional place
October 2019 Academic year starts