In their own words...

Cambridge undergraduates discuss their experiences at the University of Cambridge

What made you apply to study at the University of Cambridge?

It seemed like such a wonderful place to live and work full of incredible architecture and opportunities. I also loved how much the uni would push you to be the best you can be and strive for excellence.

Daniel - Medicine (London)

The quality of the teaching is excellent, especially with personal small-group teaching in supervisions, and you meet so many people who are world leading experts in their subject. You also study with people who are just as enthusiastic about your subject as you are, so you learn even more!

Alannah - Natural Sciences (Kent)

I was impressed with the high quality teaching and the supervision system. I wanted to be around other interesting people that were genuinely engaged with the course.

Xiao - Computer Science (Milton Keynes)

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Did you have any concerns about coming to study at Cambridge?

I thought I wouldn't 'fit in' but I've met lots of lovely welcoming people who are very down to earth.

Sarah - Material Sciences (Guisborough)

I thought that, coming from a state school, I would feel very out of place and would be behind my peers academically. However I soon realised this was a myth, as I met lots of people from a similar background to me, but also those from entirely different backgrounds, making new friends from all over the world.

Charlotte - Education (Caerwedros, Wales)

I had my reservations about my ability to perform academically when I arrived but through my Director of Studies recognising my concerns, I feel like I am gaining a lot from my experience.

Jim - Mathematics (Hemel Hempstead)

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If a student considering applying to Cambridge asked you why they should study here, what would you tell them?

Studying here is often very challenging, but it's really rewarding. The intensity of the environment means that you learn an incredible amount in each term, and the friendships I've made are really strong.

Stella - Human, Social and Political Sciences (Chester)

There's so much support and advice that you'll always have someone to go to if you need any help, whether academic or personal.

Meg - Law (Sheffield)


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What do you do when you are not studying?

At a college level I am the mixed lacrosse captain (a sport I didn't even know existed before I came here!), taking part in football, netball and badminton too. At a university level I'm a member of the university cross country club, even taking part in a race against Oxford, the highlight of my time here so far.

David - Modern and Medieval Languages (Portsmouth)

A lot of iyengar yoga, daily meditation, spending time with friends.

Maia - Astrophysics (Budapest, Hungary)

I spend a lot of time with my friends, there are lots of events going on in Cambridge from theatre to shopping to nightlife.

Jonathan - Medicine (Ballymena, Northern Ireland)

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