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Undergraduate Study


When assessing our applicants we consider not only the individual A Level/IB Higher Level (or equivalent) subjects being offered but also the combination of these.

For many Cambridge courses qualifications in certain subjects are required and all Colleges expect such subjects to be passed, normally with an A or A* grade at A Level/grade 6 or 7 at Higher Level of the IB (or equivalent).

Our other courses don't have particular subject requirements, although the Colleges will expect high grades in your subjects most relevant to the course you’re applying for.

Subject requirements are given on the Course pages, and are defined as follows:

  • required by all Colleges – subjects that are essential for all Colleges
  • required by some Colleges – subjects that are essential for some Colleges (see individual College websites for details)
  • useful preparation – subjects that aren’t required by any Colleges (so won’t affect admissions decisions) but which can provide useful preparation for the course

All undergraduate admissions decisions are the responsibility of the Cambridge Colleges so please check College-specific requirements/preferences with the College(s) you’re considering applying to.

Although you may be considering a number of Colleges, you can only make one application to the University in a year – either indicating one preference College or selecting the open application option in the UCAS application. Applying to more than one College, or applying to a preference College and also making an open application isn’t possible. Once the UCAS application is submitted, your choice can’t be changed.