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Undergraduate Study


If you will be aged 21 or over by 1 October in the year that you start at Cambridge, you will be a mature student.

If you’re applying as a mature student, you have some extra College options and the opportunity to apply in March for some subjects.

Choosing a college

At Cambridge you’ll be part of a College. This is usually where you’ll live day-to-day. Your College will also provide support and organise your small-group tuition, known as supervisions.

You can either choose a College when you apply or choose to be randomly allocated to a mature College.

Find out more about our different Colleges.

Mature Colleges

We have 3 Colleges exclusively for students aged 21 or over:

At a mature College you can live with students who haven’t just left school and have a bit more life experience.

This is a great support for anyone returning to education. Mature students often thrive in this setting.

You’ll still be part of the wider University community and will meet students from other Colleges through your lectures, clubs, and societies.

Application deadlines

October application deadline

Mature students who have already completed their qualifications are encouraged to apply in October. For some courses, you must apply by the October deadline.

The deadline is 15 October 2024 (6pm UK time).

You must apply by the October deadline if you want to:

March application deadline

You can apply to Hughes Hall, St Edmund's, and Wolfson for some courses in March.

Check the October deadline information on this page to find out whether you must apply for your course by the October deadline.

The March application round is not open to applicants who applied in the preceding October.

If you're considering applying in March, we recommend that you contact a mature College admissions office for advice.

Entry requirements for mature students

As a mature student you need to meet the same academic standards as school leavers.

You’ll need to demonstrate evidence of recent academic achievement at a high level. Usually this will need to be within 2 years of starting the course.

Find out more on our entry requirements page.

We also recommend that you contact one or more Colleges well before you make your application. The College will be able to advise you about how they would view your academic preparation.

Admission tests

The type of assessment you take depends on which course and which College you are applying to.

Check your course page for more information.

Taking a second degree

Are you applying to take a second undergraduate degree?

Check our guidance on second degrees before you start your application.