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Undergraduate Study


Teachers and advisers

We value enormously the support and encouragement that teachers and advisers give to students who may be thinking of applying here.

Student Admissions and Access and College admissions offices are happy to give advice to teachers on the admissions process and other matters. Alternatively, speak to your area links contact

How similar are Oxford and Cambridge Universities?

The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge are distinct individual universities, however they have a great deal in common, including their collegiate structure and personalised teaching methods. Find out more

Written assessments

Many applicants are required to take a course-specific written assessment as part of the application process. Find out more

Helping students prepare

Advice on helping students prepare their application to the University of Cambridge. Find out more

School/college reference

The school/college reference tells us about an applicant's abilities and potential. Admissions Tutors look for indications that a student’s academic strengths are well suited both to the course and to the style of study at Cambridge. Find out more

Teachers' Newsletter

Subscribe to our Teachers' Newsletter to keep up-to-date with events, the latest admissions news, and resources for students. Find out more

Area Links Scheme

The University's Area Links Scheme enables the Cambridge Colleges to build effective, coherent relationships with schools and colleges across the UK. Find out more

Events for teachers and advisers

As well as events for prospective students, a number of events for teachers, tutors and HE advisers are organised by the Student Admissions and Access and several of the Colleges. These events provide up-to-date information about the University, including the application procedure and the range of outreach activities on offer. Find out more

Commercial application preparation

We're aware of private companies and individuals who offer, at a charge, information and advice on our admissions process, assessments and interviews. We DO NOT support or encourage any of these commercial enterprises.

None of these companies/individuals has access to any information that's not already available free of charge from College admissions offices, Student Admissions and Access (previously Cambridge Admissions Office), Cambridge University Students' Union (CUSU) and student-led websites such as Inside Uni; and we're unable to verify the accuracy of the information these companies/individuals may provide.

Applicants should be aware that sharing of admissions assessment or interview questions either during or after the admissions cycle is strictly prohibited and applicants could inadvertently disadvantage their own application by engaging in this practice.

Teachers' Newsletter

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