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Undergraduate Study


Teachers and Parents

If you are supporting a young person who is thinking about their university options, it is likely that you have your own questions and concerns about them entering higher education.

Teachers, Tutors and HE Advisers

We value enormously the support and encouragement that teachers, tutors and HE advisers give to students who may be thinking of applying here. You'll find lots of useful advice and guidance in our Advice for teachers, tutors & HE advisers publication. Cambridge Admissions Office (CAO) and College admissions offices are also happy to give advice to teachers on admissions policy and other matters.

Parents and Guardians

As a parent or guardian you probably have your own questions and concerns about Cambridge. In our Guide for Parents and Supporters we try to answer these questions, dispel any concerns and help you to advise your son or daughter. If you have any further queries, just get in touch with the Cambridge Admissions Office where we will be happy to help.