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The College Area Links Scheme was established to enable schools and colleges across the UK to build strong, effective relationships with the Cambridge Colleges. Every part of the UK is linked with a Cambridge College, giving the schools and colleges in that area a specific contact point at the University.

The scheme has enabled our Colleges to get to know specific regions and their local educational environments, allowing them to tailor their outreach activities to the needs of each location. Each College runs its own programme of activities for schools/colleges in their link regions.

The Area Links Scheme does not preclude you from contacting or being contacted by a College other than your link College(s). Please also note that there is no expectation or obligation for students to apply to the relevant link College and participation in Area Links Scheme initiatives does not influence whether Colleges invite applicants for interview or offer them places.

If you’d like more information about the University or to arrange a school visit to or from Cambridge, your link College is keen to hear from you!

Area Link Regions