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Undergraduate Study


My Cambridge Application is an additional form that you need to complete if you're applying to study an undergraduate degree at Cambridge. Applicants to the Graduate Course in Medicine do not need to complete My Cambridge Application.

Once you submit your UCAS application, you'll get an email from us within 48 hours with instructions and a link to your My Cambridge Application.

The form is personalised, so we'll only ask you the relevant questions for your application.

For most applicants, the deadline will be 22 October 2024 (6pm UK time).

Before you start the form

Documents and information you need to prepare:

  • names of high school qualifications you've taken and the awarding body - in the United Kingdom this is an examination board

You might also need:

  • £60 for the application fee if you're applying from outside of the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands or Isle of Man. Some applicants won't need to pay this fee. Check whether you need to pay.
  • a transcript
  • details of the topics you studied at high school, if you're leaving school this year or you left last year
  • scores and dates of any English language tests you've taken, such as IELTS
  • scores and dates of your SATs, if you took them
  • a Cambridge specific personal statement. This is optional. For example, if you are applying to a course that is only offered at Cambridge, you can give information about why you want to study that course specifically.
  • details of how your studies will be funded, if you’re an international student

Transcript requirements

We'll tell you in the form if you need to provide a transcript.

You'll need a high school transcript if you do not have some or any of these qualifications:

  • 6 or more GCSEs or IGCSEs
  • 5 or more Scottish National Qualifications
  • AS or A levels, Scottish Advanced Highers or the International Baccalaureate

We also ask for a high school transcript if you took GCSE, IGCSE or Scottish National Qualification exams more than 3 years ago.

You'll need a university transcript if you’ve completed more than one year at another university.

Please ask your high school, college or university to provide and sign the transcript.

The transcript should be in English, or translated into English and authorised (signed or stamped) by an official translation service. This can also be done by your school, college or university.

Transcripts need to include:

  • subjects you've taken
  • grades you achieved
  • dates when you took your exams

Transcripts need to be:

  • a .pdf file
  • a maximum of 5 MB

PDF icon Example High School Transcript for a student from the UK

PDF icon Example High School Transcript for an international student

Completing My Cambridge Application form

General tips:

  • The form takes about one hour to complete, but don’t leave it to the last day as you might need to prepare some information.
  • Your answers are saved automatically.
  • You can return to complete your application at any point before the deadline. You can change your answers before you submit the form. Make sure to check them before you submit the form.
  • Check the help text in the form if you’re not sure how to answer a question.

Previews of My Cambridge Application form will be available from September 2024.

Help with passwords, logins, and other technical issues

  • If you're not getting our emails, or they are going to your junk or spam folder, add the following email addresses to your email contacts or safe sender list:
  • If you forget your password or login details, you can reset your password.
  • If you don’t get an email after you reset your password, wait a few minutes and check your junk or spam folders.
  • If you can’t submit the form, check that you’ve completed every question in all of the sections. Completed sections will say 'completed' and completed questions will have a tick icon next to them. You should then be able to submit the form.
  • If your email or any other contact information changes, you can update your details in the UCAS Hub or by contacting UCAS customer services.

Get help with the My Cambridge Application form

Please contact if:

  • you don't get an email 48 hours after submitting your UCAS form
  • the link to My Cambridge Application in your email doesn’t work
  • you lose the email we’ve sent you with the link to My Cambridge Application
  • you can’t complete the form online for any reason
  • you notice an error in the information you’ve given after you’ve submitted the form