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Undergraduate Study



The collegiate University appoints teams of trained, professional staff to deliver our admissions, recruitment and outreach functions. Each year we conduct outreach activity that engages thousands of students, teachers and advisers across the whole of the UK and in many locations overseas. We're often asked by alumni how they can help with our efforts to attract the strongest possible field of applicants. We recognise that alumni can reach and connect with audiences in a way that the University itself cannot, and often have local expertise which can be extremely valuable to the University.

To ensure that you're up-to-date with aspects of the University and Colleges that change over time, please maintain regular contact the collegiate University. If you're invited to a school, please advise the Cambridge College linked to the area to ensure your proposed visit compliments work already being delivered by the College. For visits outside the UK, please contact the University's Development and Alumni Relations office in the first instance.

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The following information and resources relate to undergraduate study at the University.

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Please note that the collegiate University cannot officially endorse the activities of those who aren't employed by either the University or a Cambridge College and doesn't engage with individuals on an agency basis. If you wish to promote the University, you must make it clear that you're doing so as an alumni sharing your personal experience and that you aren't an official representative acting on behalf of the University. It's also essential that you don't provide detailed information about matters such as entry requirements, course specifications or finance – please direct students, teachers and supporters with specific and/or in-depth questions about applying to and studying at the University to get in touch with the University or one of the Colleges for information and guidance.