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Undergraduate Study


Finding it difficult to choose what to study? Narrow down your options with our quick guide.

If you have a job or career in mind

Find out what people who do the job that you want studied.

Think about skills that are important in your ideal career. Are there any courses that can help you to get these skills?

Check whether you need a specific degree. For example, Medicine to become a doctor.

Look for subjects you enjoy

If you have favourite subjects that you enjoy and excel in, consider studying these at university.

Some courses might be related to your favourite subjects. For example, Linguistics has some common themes with English Language at A Level.

Other courses cover more than one subject. At Cambridge, we offer:

Study something new

At university you can study subjects you’ve never covered before, like Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology or Chinese.

Think about your passions and look for something that fits with them.

Check the course topics interest you

Courses with the same title can be different.

Check what individual courses offer. Look for:

  • topics they cover
  • any compulsory modules or papers
  • research opportunities
  • fieldwork, placement, or work experience opportunities

Ways you’ll be taught and assessed

It’s important to pick a course that is taught in a way that will help you to learn.

Find out how we teach at Cambridge, including the benefits of our supervision system.

Also, think about how you will be assessed. Does that method work for you?

Look on your course page to see how you’ll be assessed.

Career opportunities and employability

Check the careers of recent graduates. You may be surprised by some of the things our graduates do.

Find out about graduate careers on the course pages.

Find your course

We offer over 30 courses at Cambridge, covering over 65 subject areas.

Find the right course for you.

You can also explore the Student Union’s Alternative Prospectus to find out what our students think.