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Undergraduate Study


Cambridge is a great place to be a student. There’s loads going on in the University, the Colleges and the city.

Being a Cambridge student

As a Cambridge student you:

Why to choose Cambridge

At Cambridge you'll be offered a world-class education, as well as an exceptional student life.

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Fergus Kirman, Undergraduate President Cambridge SU

Welcome from the Cambridge Students' Union

“Studying at Cambridge was an extraordinary experience. I found a place filled with leading academics, students from all walks of life, and hundreds of different extracurriculars. In everything from the small-group supervisions, to the engaging seminars and lectures, to the sheer breadth of opportunities to go beyond my set teaching, I found Cambridge academically exceptional.

The real joy of being at Cambridge was, however, getting to spend my time here with so many enthusiastic students: people who genuinely loved their subject, and were passionate about their interests and hobbies. Cambridge is a beautiful city, an amazing University, and – for so many students – becomes a second home. I hope you like the look of it and want to apply just as much as I did!"

Fergus Kirman
Cambridge SU (Undergraduate President)