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Undergraduate Study

Student holding envelope and his exam results whilst his guardian expresses joy

If you've received your exam results and you're holding a conditional offer from the University of Cambridge for 2023 entry, check the guidance below for what happens next. 

Students holding conditional offers for 2023

If you’ve met or exceeded all the conditions of your offer

Congratulations! You don’t need to do anything.

We will already be aware of your A Level (or equivalent) results, and your place will be confirmed. Your status will update on your UCAS Hub and you’ll soon receive an email with further details.

Please don’t try to call at this busy time. In the meantime, take a look at our information for new students.

If you haven’t quite met the offer

In these circumstances, we'll need to know exactly how close you were to meeting your offer.

UCAS only provides us with your examination grades. Please send the relevant College details of your performance as soon as possible. This should be in the form of a scanned copy of your statement of results for each examination.

There may be a few spaces available at the College you applied to or at another College, depending on the number of students who have met their offers.

Please be patient. Your College will contact you as soon as possible and you can check the status of your application on your UCAS Hub.

Please do not call the College or University for updates on your application. The Hub will be updated as soon as possible once a final decision is made.

If your grades are substantially lower than those required by your offer

Unless there are special circumstances to consider, your application to Cambridge will have been unsuccessful. Hopefully, you’ll have made the grades for your insurance offer.

Your status will be updated on your UCAS Hub so that you can take up your insurance place or enter Clearing. We don't enter Clearing, so there will be no course vacancies at the University through Clearing.

If you haven’t received all of your results

We know that sometimes there are processing problems and your Cambridge College will already be aware that you’re missing a particular result.

Please contact your Cambridge College as soon as you’ve received your missing results.

What to do if we have invited you to apply for reconsideration

You might be eligible to have your application reconsidered if we told you about our August Reconsideration Pool in your decision letter or email in January. Some places will be available for selected students on courses that have space for October 2023.

For further information, see August Reconsideration Pool.

No Clearing vacancies

The University of Cambridge does not enter Clearing. We have no course vacancies available through Clearing.

Further information about Clearing is available from the UCAS website.