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At the University of Cambridge, we welcome applications from students of the highest intellectual potential, irrespective of social, racial, religious and financial considerations.

Insight is an academic programme which aims to develop the students’ interests and tackle the barriers many students face when applying to university.

During the programme, the students will be able to explore academic subjects that may not be taught in school and talk to current academic staff and student ambassadors about their subject choices. The programme also aims to alleviate worries regarding topics such as the admissions process and student finance.

The programme consists of a number of compulsory events held in Cambridge designed to provide information about university and university life, as well as developing skills that will be helpful during further study. There are also a range of optional events and activities that students can attend based on their interests and more information about these can be found in the guides to the programme on this page.

This programme is specifically aimed at highly able students currently in Year 9 and studying at a state school in Peterborough. Applications to join the programme are open until April. Applications received after this date will not be considered.

If you are a teacher and would like more information about the programme, please contact the Insight Team.


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Insight Team
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