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A transcript is a certified record of a student’s academic achievements. It’s sometimes referred to as a marksheet, statement of results or academic certificate.

If you’re applying to study an undergraduate degree, we may ask you to provide a transcript as part of My Cambridge Application. This helps us to understand your academic attainment in detail.

Who needs to provide a transcript

When you fill in My Cambridge Application, we’ll tell you if you need to provide a high school transcript and/or a university transcript.

High school transcript

We will ask you to provide a high school transcript if:

  • you do not have 6 or more GCSEs/IGCSEs or 5 or more Scottish National Qualifications


  • you took GCSEs/IGCSEs or Scottish National Qualifications exams more than 3 years ago

We will also ask you to provide a high school transcript if you do not have, or are not currently studying, any of the following:

  • AS or A levels
  • Scottish Advanced Highers
  • International Baccalaureate

For example:

  • you studied outside the UK and took non-UK qualifications at age 15 or 16
  • you were ill at the time of GCSEs and did a reduced number
  • you’re a mature applicant and took GCSEs more than three years ago

University transcript

We will ask you to provide a university transcript if you’ve already completed one year or more at another university.

How to get a transcript

Ask your school, college or university to provide and sign or certify the transcript.

Allow enough time to get the transcript. It may disadvantage your application if you do not provide one.

Information to include

The transcript should be an official document or certificate from your school, college or university. It must list your academic achievements and include:

  • your full name
  • your date of birth
  • subjects you've taken
  • grades you achieved
  • dates when you took your exams

The transcript should give as much information as possible about your exam performance in the last or most recent two years. This includes details of any internally assessed work.

If you are waiting for exam results, you should submit a transcript with your previous results.

The transcript should have a watermark, stamp or letterhead from your school, college or university.

You do not need to include:

  • references
  • predicted grades
  • detailed project work
  • non-academic achievements

You should not edit the transcript in any way.

Translated into English

The transcript you provide must be in English. If it’s not, you must have it translated into English.

The transcript must be authorised (watermarked, stamped or signed) by your school, college or university, or an official translation service.

You must not translate the transcript into English yourself.

Technical requirements

The transcript must be:

  • a PDF file
  • a maximum of 5 MB

If you do not have the original digital document, you can use a clear, scanned image of the original printed transcript.

If your transcript is a copy, your chosen or allocated Cambridge College may ask to see the original document at a later date.

How to submit your transcript

You should upload your transcript to My Cambridge Application and submit your application by 6pm (UK time) on 22 October 2024.

If you submit your My Cambridge Application without a transcript, you cannot return to the application to upload one at a later date.

Late or unavailable transcript

If you are unable to get, or upload, your transcript to My Cambridge Application by 6pm (UK time) on 22 October 2024, you can email it after the deadline. It will be at the discretion of your chosen or allocated Cambridge College whether to consider it. You should contact:


Submit My Cambridge Application by the deadline, even if your transcript is late or unavailable. If you do not, it may invalidate your application.

Get help with providing a transcript

Contact if you have a question that is not answered on this page.

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