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Undergraduate Study


The University’s International Student Office provides information on visas to study at Cambridge. They also offer an advice service to assist students sponsored by the University in making a student visa application. 

The primary source of information on all matters concerning immigration is the Home Office – check the Home Office website regularly for the most up-to-date information.

It’s your responsibility to ensure that you understand and fulfil the immigration requirements for your visa application and comply with the conditions of your visa during your studies.

If you are not a UK or Irish national, you will be required to provide evidence of holding valid immigration permission that permits study prior to commencing your course at Cambridge. If you already have UK immigration permission in another capacity, you may not require a student visa. This will be checked as part of the admissions process.

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University term dates

Each academic year consists of three eight-week terms:

3 Oct - 1 Dec 2023 (Michaelmas)
16 Jan - 15 Mar 2024 (Lent)
23 Apr - 14 Jun 2024 (Easter)

8 Oct - 6 Dec 2024 (Michaelmas)
21 Jan - 21 Mar 2025 (Lent)
29 Apr - 20 Jun 2025 (Easter)

7 Oct - 5 Dec 2025 (Michaelmas)
20 Jan - 20 Mar 2026 (Lent)
28 Apr - 19 Jun 2026 (Easter)