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Undergraduate Study


Student support

The transition to university study and living away from home can be a big change for many of our students. If you need a bit of extra support while at the University, whether that’s with your academic work or personal issues, we have an extensive welfare system in place.

If you have a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD), long-term health condition, mental health condition or disability, please see the information on our disabled students' page.

Students supporting students

Throughout the University and Colleges, there’s an extensive student-run welfare network. Every College common room has its own welfare officer or team that can provide support and advice to students. Many Colleges also assign ‘College parents’ (students in other years) to new students to help them settle in.

As every student is a member of SU, Cambridge SU seeks to represent them all effectively. The Cambridge SU Campaigns also provide specific communities for students with shared backgrounds and interests. Many of the Campaigns have ‘buddy’ schemes, similar to College families.

In addition to this, most clubs, societies and College students’ unions have elected committees to support their members’ welfare as well as provide great opportunities for socialising, having fun and learning new skills.

Student Advice Service

The Student Advice Service provides free, confidential and impartial advice to students by phone, email or video call. Working independently of the Colleges and University, the Advice Service offers help to undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students across a range of areas, from making friends to working relationships, exams to intermission, and welfare concerns to finance.