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At-interview written assessments

For 2021 entry, all Colleges require applicants for the following courses to take an at-interview written assessment.


Assessment format


Essay/text response element (60 minutes)


Writing skills (30 minutes)
Graphic and spatial ability (30 minutes)

Classics (3-year)

Translation exercise (60 minutes)

Classics (4-year)

Language aptitude interview (20 minutes)

History and Modern Languages

See course page for further details.

History of Art

Structured comparison of images
(60 minutes)


Cambridge Law Test
(Essay version; 60 minutes)


Two data questions and one essay question (60 minutes)

Modern and Medieval Languages

Discursive response in Foreign Language
(40 minutes)
Discursive response in English (20 minutes)


Multiple choice logic problems (20 minutes)
Essay (40 minutes)

Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion

Comprehension questions on a pre-recorded sample lecture (60 minutes)

For 2021 entry, some Colleges may require applicants to take an at-interview assessment for the following courses:

The assessments for these courses (where required) may vary by College. Please see individual College websites for details of which Colleges require applicants to take an at-interview assessment and the expected format of that assessment.

* There's no common format written assessment for Mathematics except for applicants who are interviewed overseas. All applicants for Mathematics are still required to sit the STEP exam in June 2021 as achievement in the STEP is an entrance requirement.

Where and when will the at-interview assessments take place?

For courses requiring an at-interview written assessment, these are taken when applicants are in Cambridge for interview (usually during the first three weeks of December). Most applicants take any at-interview assessment on the same day as their interview(s). The College will provide details of arrangements for the written assessment in the letter inviting you to interview, as well as information about the interview itself.

Is there a registration requirement for at-interview assessments?

You don't need to register or be registered for written assessments at interview.

If you have a disability/specific learning difficulty/long-term medical condition/injury, we strongly recommend that you disclose this and provide any relevant information in your UCAS application so that appropriate adjustments to the interview process (including written assessments) can be made, if needed. If you have any access requirements that you haven't disclosed in your UCAS application, please contact the College as early as possible to discuss these.

Does it cost anything to take an at-interview assessment?

There aren't any charges associated with taking any written assessments at interview in Cambridge.

Information for EU/overseas applicants

For those candidates being interviewed in Cambridge, the arrangements for at-interview assessments remain the same.

For candidates interviewed overseas, at-interview assessments will usually take place in the same week as interviews in that country. Details of at-interview admissions assessments are normally supplied to shortlisted applicants together with details of their interview. 

Further information

If you have any questions about our written assessments, please contact

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