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Undergraduate Study


Please note that an admissions decision taken by a Cambridge College will not normally be reviewed unless it appears, after investigation, that a serious procedural error has occurred.

If you wish to make a formal complaint about the admissions process, we ask that you put your concerns in writing to the Admissions Tutor/Senior Tutor of the College concerned, normally within one month of the incident. Complaints about the admissions process will be investigated by the Admissions Tutor/Senior Tutor of the College, who’ll consult interviewers and other colleagues where necessary.

An account of the investigation findings and any action to be taken will then be provided in writing by the Admissions Tutor/Senior Tutor. Where it appears, after investigation of the complaint that a procedural error has occurred, consideration will be given to what steps (if any) should be taken to reconsider the matter, and what steps (if any) should be taken to avoid similar errors occurring in the future.

After the final response from the College has been received the complainant may ask the Colleges’ Undergraduate Admissions Complaints Panel to review the complaint. If you wish your complaint to be reviewed, please forward copies of all correspondence and full details of the specific concern or complaint via email to the Secretary of the Undergraduate Admissions Complaints Panel.

An applicant’s parent or guardian may only initiate a complaint if the email of complaint is accompanied by a signed statement from the applicant authorising the parent or guardian to act on their behalf.