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Undergraduate Study


The information on these pages is correct for 2022 entry. The format of interviews for 2023 entry is currently under review. Please check back for further details in due course.

Admissions decisions at the University of Cambridge are based solely on academic criteria – your ability and your potential. Along with all the other information you provide, interviews help Admissions Tutors to assess your application.

The majority of applicants are invited to attend an interview. In previous years, this has been around 75 per cent of Home applicants overall (though this varies between courses). Not all candidates who are interviewed will be successful/made an offer of a place, but all those who are made an offer will have been interviewed.

In 2021-22, we’ll be interviewing all shortlisted applicants virtually, with interviews usually taking place in December. Though your interview will be online, the aims and content will still be the same as in person interviews. For more information on how our online interviews will work, please visit our online interviews page.

Applicants should be aware that sharing of admissions assessment or interview questions either during or after the admissions cycle, and the recording of interviews is strictly prohibited. Applicants could inadvertently disadvantage their own application by engaging in these practices.

English language requirements

If English isn't your first language, during the admissions process our Admissions Tutors will be looking for indications that your language skills are sufficient for you to undertake a fast-paced course that's taught and examined in English.

A good standard of spoken English is expected at interview in order for you to be able to express/describe your ideas and thoughts. Visit our English language requirements page for more details.

Commercial application preparation

We're aware of private companies and individuals who offer, at a charge, information and advice on our admissions process, assessments and interviews. We DO NOT support or encourage any of these commercial enterprises. None of these companies/individuals has access to any information that's not already available free of charge to all schools, colleges and individual students from College admissions offices, the Cambridge Admissions Office or Cambridge Students' Union; and we're unable to verify the accuracy of the information these companies/individuals may provide.