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Please note the information below relates to 2023 entry. Information about interviews for 2024 entry will be updated in June 2023.

Interviews for 2023 entry (or deferred entry in 2024) will take place online, except for UK-based applicants to Trinity College.

Your invitation to interview will confirm:

  • what you need for your interview
  • what platform we'll be using (Zoom or Whereby)
  • details of how to access your interview on the day

We’ve provided some helpful video guides to help you set-up and prepare for your interview.

The aims and content of your interview will be the same as if it was in person. You can find out more about Cambridge interviews on the What do interviews involve? and How should I prepare? pages.

What will I need?

For your online interview, you may need access to certain technology and resources (this will vary depending on the course that you’ve applied for).

All applicants will need the following:

  • a quiet location, free from distractions
  • a device with a webcam and microphone (make sure your device is fully charged/plugged in and you've tested the webcam/microphone in advance)
  • a good internet connection (close down any unused applications and ask others to avoid using the internet so that your connection is as strong as possible)
  • pen and paper

You do not have to be in your school/college for your interview; you are welcome to choose a location that suits you best. This could be your home, a friend’s house, or a parent’s place of work, for example.

In addition to the above, some applicants (usually those who have applied to a Science/Mathematics course) will need to be able to share their workings with interviewers. Ideally this could mean having a tablet and stylus available, but there are other equally good ways of doing this. Your College will confirm expectations in your invitation to interview. Applicants who would normally be entitled to Free School Meals can speak to their interviewing College about the purchase of an inexpensive tablet to use in their interview.

What if I don’t have access to the required technology?

If you don’t have access to a device with a webcam and microphone, please contact your College admissions office – their contact details will be in the correspondence you’ve received from the College.

What if the technology goes wrong or the internet connection is lost during my interview?

Don’t panic! If you lose your connection or encounter technical issues, try to reconnect to the interview. If you can’t get back into the interview, please contact your College admissions office. It’s useful to have a phone and your College admissions office contact details to hand, in case you need to do this.

What should I do to prepare and set-up?

You should ensure that you will have access to the equipment you’ll need for your interview (see above). It’s important to do this in advance so that you can notify your College if you won’t have access to the required resources.

You should also test the video conferencing platform that you’ll be using for your interview. Your friends, family or supporters may be able to help you with this.

Finally, it’s important to prepare for the content of the interview itself! Find out more about how to do this on the How should I prepare? page.

Preparing for your online interview

What to expect at your online interview