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Undergraduate Study


There's no blueprint for an ideal Cambridge student. We assess everyone individually, which means we look at – and for – different things in different people for different courses. Consequently, there's no magic formula that will guarantee you're offered a place.

Admissions Tutors are looking for students who they believe have the most academic ability and potential, are best suited to the course applied for, and who will benefit from the learning environment we have to offer at Cambridge.

Almost all of our applicants are predicted top grades so it's difficult to select fairly based on the UCAS application alone. Therefore, interviewing helps to:

  • assess applicants’ academic potential and suitability for the course chosen – whether they have the potential to study it to a very high level, engage with new ideas and think conceptually, and how they'll respond to the teaching methods used at Cambridge
  • give applicants the opportunity to expand on their application and show us how they think about their subject; to demonstrate their interest in and commitment to their subject, and their ability to think critically and independently

If you have a disability, specific learning difficulty, long-term health condition, injury or other particular need, the Colleges will make every effort to meet your requirements, but make sure you tell them well in advance of your interview.

Preparing for your online interview

What to expect at your online interview