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Undergraduate Study

King's College


What struck me when I arrived was how very normal everyone is. But at King’s there’s also a sense that being ‘different’ (be it in terms of interests, race, sexuality or politics) is something to be respected.


King’s has a long history of intellectual, artistic and social innovation. We were among the first of the historically male Colleges to admit women, and we have played a leading role in attracting ethnic minorities and state-educated students to Cambridge. King’s is a vibrant, diverse and tolerant community which actively encourages applications from continental Europe and overseas.

The College has a high ratio of teaching Fellows to undergraduates, and relations between members of the College are traditionally informal. Our academic standards are high and we take intellectual life seriously. King’s makes every effort to support students in their academic work and University lives, providing an excellent library, welcoming work spaces, and a committed tutorial team.

King’s stands in the centre of Cambridge, with its splendid grounds and buildings stretching to the River Cam and beyond. There’s a wide choice of accommodation, both en suite and with shared facilities. Meals are offered in the grand College Hall but you can always eat in the adjoining bar if you prefer something less formal. The bar – used for meetings, musical performances and open mic nights – is the heart of the College social life and the adjoining coffee shop provides a convenient study space. We offer sports facilities, punts and kayaks, music practice rooms, a dark room, clubs and societies, studentrun club nights and an Art Centre running classes for all members. Our students are represented on College committees and fully engaged in the College’s rich intellectual and social life.

King’s is renowned for its music and Chapel. In addition to our celebrated male-voice choir, there’s King’s Voices (a mixed choir), a student orchestra and musical society, and countless other groups for different tastes and styles. At King’s, it’s your academic promise that matters most – students from any background can fulfil their personal and intellectual potential and we welcome applicants from any type of school or region of the world.


UCAS Campus Code 

King’s Parade
01223 331255
Courses Available 
All courses except Education, Land Economy, and Veterinary Medicine
Student Numbers 
430 undergraduates
c125 admitted each year
280 postgraduates

Admissions Tutor

  • Professor Bill Burgwinkle
  • Dr Zoe Adams (Assistant)

Senior Tutor

Dr Tim Flack

College Open Days 

Check College website for information.

See also Cambridge Open Days.