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St Edmund's College has been extremely supportive. I have enjoyed meeting and living alongside fellow students with diverse backgrounds and life experiences.


We were founded 125 years ago, out of a belief in the excellence of the education and research offered by the University of Cambridge, and out of a conviction that the status quo was inadequate. This makes us open to refreshment, reimagining and revival. We believe that no one should be excluded from the intellectual rigour, challenge and attainment of Cambridge on the basis of who they are or what they believe. The open meeting of different perspectives is fundamental to our mission as a College.

Within our 10 acres, we welcome the world. St Edmund’s is a place to explore ideas and perspectives, a place of friendship and welcome. A place of personal and intellectual growth for those who will shape the future for millions, in countries across the globe.

Whilst we are a College for mature and postgraduate students and welcome learners of 21 or older, the average age of our new students is around 24. The students, staff and Fellows of St Edmund’s form a single community with the student body led by an executive committee, with active student societies and a host of social events.

As one of the newer Colleges within the University, we unashamedly look to the future but the College maintains a sense of tradition through regular formal dinners, feasts and ceremonies. The College is ideally sited for many students, close to the West Cambridge site, Sidgwick site, and to the city centre.

St Edmund's College

UCAS Campus Code 

Mount Pleasant
01223 336086
Courses Available 
All courses
Student Numbers 
For students aged 21 and over (mature students)
180 undergraduates
c55 admitted each year
410 postgraduates

Admissions Tutor
Dr Martin Thompson
Dr Martin Parker Dixon

Senior Tutor
Dr Judith Bunbury

College Open Days 

Check College website for information.
See also Cambridge Open Days.

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