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Choral Awards, Choral Exhibitions, Choral Studentships, and Choral Scholarships all indicate the same thing - the music award held by a student in a Cambridge chapel choir, usually referred to as a 'Choral Scholar'. There are various different official names for Choral Awards depending on the history and statutes of the individual College concerned. Most Cambridge choirs consist of a combination of Choral Award-holders and volunteers. 

What is expected of a Choral Award-holder? 

Choral Award-holders are required to sing in the choir of their College chapel, attending regular rehearsals and services. Most Colleges also expect Choral Award-holders to play an active role in College music-making. The responsibilities of Choral Award-holders vary greatly from College to College and are outlined on the relevant College websites.

Thorough research into the commitments and expectations should be carried out when you are considering your application. You should consider how many hours a week you are willing and able to devote to your singing, and how that fits around the subject you will be studying. 

Some College choral schedules may fit less comfortably with the timetable demands of some courses, so you need to be organised in order to satisfy both your study and Award obligations. Some Colleges restrict students on particular courses from applying (see Are there any restrictions?).

In all Colleges, Choral Award-holders receive a small financial award each year. In most Colleges, Choral Award-holders also receive a subsidy towards singing lessons. Other forms of support, such as subsidised meals and choir tours, are determined by the individual Colleges. 

Further enquiries

If you have questions about specific College Choral Awards, please contact the Directors of Music at the individual Colleges​​​​​​.

If you have questions about the inter-collegiate competition, please contact the Co-ordinator of the Inter-Collegiate Choral Awards Scheme, Louisa Denby ( 

If you are currently in Cambridge, or have a confirmed place for the forthcoming academic year, please contact the Choral Awards Co-ordinator for advice.


Louisa Denby
Choral Awards Co-ordinator

Key Dates

  • 15 February 2023 - Choral Award application deadline
  • 1 March 2023 - Choral Award references receipt deadline
  • 10 March 2023 - Pre-recorded videos receipt deadline
  • 20-22 March 2023 - Choral Trials
  • 29 April 2023 - Choral Awards Open Day

Choral Awards Applications 2023

Please submit your application by 15 February and your reference by 1 March. 

Application form

Reference Form