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Choral Awards application timeline 2021 entry




25 April 2020

Choral Awards Open Day

Meet and sing informally to Directors of Music, and participate in an Evensong

15 October 2020

University application deadline Submit application to UCAS
15 February 2021

Choral Awards application deadline

Submit Choral Awards application for audition

March 2021

Choral Trials

Auditions take place in Cambridge and results are given soon after

Choral Awards Open Day

The Open Day in late April or early May is an excellent opportunity to learn more about Choral Awards at Cambridge in advance of the applications process. There are talks by an Admission Tutor and the Co-ordinator of the Awards Scheme as well as opportunities to sing together in one of the chapels, to meet the Directors of Music, and to listen to several of the choirs in rehearsals and services.

Choral Trials application deadline

If you are successful in gaining an academic offer at a College which offers Choral Awards you may then apply for an Award by 15 February, listing the College that has offered you an academic place as your first choice. (If you have gained academic offer as a result of being placed in the Winter Pool then you should read the further advice given under Pooled Applicants. You are strongly encouraged to list several Colleges on your application form, in order to increase your chances of receiving a choral place.

Choral Trials

Choral Trials are held in March. You will be considered for a Choral Award and/or choral volunteer place according to the order of College preference which you express on the application form.

  • Those offer-holders who are successful will be given a Choral Award by their first-choice College (College A).
  • If another College (College B) (i.e. one further down your preference list) wishes to offer you a place in its choir, one of two things can happen:
  1. If College B wishes to offer you a Choral Award, and if you have ticked the first box indicating a willingness to be transferred academically, discussions will be begun between Colleges A and B to see if such a transfer is possible. If it is, you will become a full member of College B instead, even though you were not interviewed there.
  2. Or, if you have ticked the second box (stating that you do not wish to be considered for an academic transfer), or in cases where you have ticked the first box but such an academic transfer is not possible, you will be offered a volunteer place in College B’s choir, but will remain a member of College A.

In some cases, your first-choice College (which must be the College that has made you an academic offer) may call you for auditions anytime between the Choral Awards application deadline and mid-March.

Those holding offers for deferred entry should apply for a Choral Award at the same time as the non-deferred entry applicants, rather than during their gap year.

Please note candidates cannot apply for admission to both Cambridge and Oxford.

We anticipate that each applicant’s audition should be completed in a single day. Should you need to travel a significant distance to get to Cambridge and will therefore require overnight accommodation, please contact your first-choice College.

Overseas applicants

It is possible for international students to audition by video submission. Such students should submit their application forms in in the normal way by 15 February to their chosen College. They then have until 1 March to submit a reference and a single video file in a standard format, such as .wmv, .mov or .mp4 (it must *not* be a YouTube link). The file should contain the required audition elements: one prepared piece, sight-reading of a piece of polyphony with the other lines played in, and aural tests (as per the website samples), with a teacher administering the sight-reading and aural tests, and confirming in the reference that these are authentically delivered, ie unseen.


Co-ordinators of the Inter-Collegiate Choral Awards Scheme:

Key Dates

  • 15 February 2021: Choral Awards application deadline 
  • March 2021: Choral Trials 

Choral Open Day 2020

The Choral Open Day, due to take place on 25 April 2020 has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

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