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Organ Trials 2024

The Organ Trials in 2024 will take place from Sunday 22 September to Wednesday 25 September.

The schedule below is subject to confirmation, but gives a general idea of the programme during the auditions. 

Sunday 22 September (starting early afternoon)

  • Practice times on various organs
  • Mid-afternoon/Early evening: registration meeting and ear tests (for all applicants)

Monday 23 September

  • Centralised organ playing auditions
  • Second auditions

Tuesday 24 September

  • Conducting auditions (short choir practice)
  • Further second auditions

Wednesday 25 September

  • Possible further auditions during the morning.
  • All candidates will be free to leave Cambridge by 12.00pm.

Accommodation and meals for the audition period will be provided in your first-choice College, in most (but not all) Colleges free of charge.

Further details regarding the process can be found on our Auditions page.

The conclusion of the above audition process marks the end of the first part of an Organ Scholarship application. Shortly thereafter, the Organ Scholarship Coordinator will contact all applicants who have taken part in order to notify them of one of the following outcomes:  

  1. that they are no longer being considered for an Organ Scholarship by any of the Colleges on their preference list. Such candidates may still make a regular academic application via UCAS, should they so wish.
  2. that they remain in consideration for an Organ Scholarship by at least one College on their preference list; in this scenario, the candidate will also be informed as to the College highest on their preference list which retains interest in their musical ability, and they will be directed to apply to that College in the normal way, via UCAS. 

It should be noted that it is relatively common for more than one College on a candidate’s preference list to retain an interest in their musical ability; in such situations, that/those College(s) may still be able to consider the candidate’s application in the event that the College(s) higher on their preference list are subsequently unable to make them an offer.  


Once the UCAS deadline has passed, the College to which you have applied will consider your academic application. Should you be selected for interview, further information from that College will follow.

 In the event that an Organ Scholarship applicant is not selected for interview, the relevant College will inform the candidate that their application cannot be taken any further.

Organ Scholarships film


Mr Andrew Arthur
Organ Scholarships Co-ordinator
Director of Music
Trinity Hall
Cambridge CB2 1TJ
T 01223 332549

Organ Scholarship Open Day

PDF icon Draft open day timetable 2024

Our next Organ Scholarship Open Day will be on Tuesday 5 March 2024. Applications have now closed. 

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