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The Organ Trials in 2017 will take place from Wednesday 20 to Saturday 23 September.

The schedule below is subject to confirmation, but gives a general idea of the programme during the auditions. Please note that we co-ordinate the Trials closely with the University of Oxford, so it is possible for candidates who are applying to both Cambridge and Oxford to travel between the two universities without missing any appointments. 

Wednesday 20 September (starting mid/late afternoon)

  • Practice times on various organs
  • Possible College interviews
  • Early evening: ear tests (for all applicants)
  • Evening: meeting for all applicants

Thursday 21 September

  • Morning: harmony test (for all applicants applying to read Music)
  • Subject-based Admissions Assessment for all other applicable subjects
  • Organ playing auditions
  • College interviews and Second Auditions

Friday 22 September

  • Conducting auditions (short choir practice)
  • Further interviews and Second auditions

Saturday 23 September

Possible further auditions / interviews during the early morning. Following the Formal Elections meeting, held at midday, those results which can be will be announced (though some results may be dependent on the results of the Oxford Trials)

As indicated above, as well as the subject-related assessments, musical tests and auditions, all applicants will be interviewed academically during the Trials, both at their first-preference College and by other subject-specialists from within the University. It is likely, therefore, that you will be asked to submit copies of school work to your first-choice College before your arrival in Cambridge. In some exceptional cases, applicants may be required to return in December for academic interviews (most likely with those who are applying to study a subject other than Music), but it is hoped that this will not be required.

Accommodation and meals for the audition period will be provided in your first-choice College, in most (but not all) Colleges free of charge.

Forecast dates for Organ Trials over the next few years, as follows:

  • 2017: 20-23 September
  • 2018: 16-19 September
  • 2019: 25-28 September

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The Organ Scholars Open Day will be held on the 7 and 8 March 2017.

If you would like to attend the Open Day please apply using the booking link below.

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Booking deadline: 26 February 2017


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