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Here you will find some information about the Privacy Statement regarding the Oxford and Cambridge Student Conferences.

Personal information

Information about how your personal information will be used by us in connection with the administration of this event/activity, and for related purposes, is available at the How we use participant data page. Please contact the Cambridge Admissions Office with any questions in the first instance.

How your data is shared

For the purpose of the Oxford and Cambridge Virtual Student Conference 2021, your data will be shared with vFairs Virtual Events Software, where the Conference will be hosted. Your data will only be shared with them in order to gain access to the Conference. Your data will be deleted from vFairs when the Conference comes to a close.

Sensitive personal information

One of the questions ("Do you have any medical conditions, disabilities or special educational needs that would require any arrangements or adjustments if you were to attend this event virtually?") above asks you for some sensitive personal information about additional requirements to help you to participate in the Oxford and Cambridge Student Conferences. You are not required to provide this information to us but, if you do, you will be consenting for us to use it to manage any arrangements or adjustments that may be needed to help you participate fully in the event. Any information collected here will only be used for event organisation and will be destroyed afterwards. Choosing not to provide this information may mean we are unable to make adjustments required for you to participate fully in the event. If you do not inform us about something for which you require an adjustment, or which affects your safe participation in the event, this may result in you being unable to participate. If you would prefer to discuss this via email, or if your situation changes, please get in touch via

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about how we intend to use this information. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time – please contact us if you wish to do so.