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A snapshot of Cambridge: our photo appeal

Calling all keen Cambridge photographers! We need your help to show prospective students what student life in Cambridge is like from the people who know it best – you!

Over the past year, Cambridge Admissions Office has been building a virtual tour of the University for prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students. As a result of social distancing, we’ve not been able to take the hundreds of photos that we planned to include in the virtual tour, so we’ve created this appeal for you to share your existing photos of Cambridge with us. All students currently enrolled at the University are eligible to enter. Photographers will receive a £5 Amazon voucher for each photo we use in the virtual tour, on our website, or in our publications.

The deadline is Wednesday 3 June at 5.00pm BST.

What kind of photos are we looking for?

We’re particularly looking for images in the following five categories:

  1. Student life in departments and Colleges. Examples might be photos from a field trip, a group project or a College event. These photos will help prospective students get an insight into what it’s like to be a student undertaking these activities in that department/College.
  2. Buildings of the University. We are looking for photos of Colleges, department buildings and University facilities (such as the University Library and the Sports Centre).
  3. Students and the city. We want to see your shots of you and friends in social areas around the city such as cafes, bars, parks and museums.
  4. Clubs, societies and sports. This should be photos of activities related to University and College clubs and societies.
  5. Music and entertainment. Have you been to a gig, festival or theatre production in Cambridge? Any photos from those experiences go in this category!

Technical information

  • Images should meet the following specification (though please do share them in the highest quality possible):
    • a minimum resolution of 1920x1080
    • A minimum PPI of 72
    • To consider them for print, they need a minimum DPI of 300
    • You can check the size of an image by right clicking on it, selecting properties then checking the details tab.
  • If the images contain identifiable shots of yourself and/or your friends and we use it, we’ll need everyone to sign a consent form, so please do bear this in mind when sending us photos.
  • If we choose to use your photo, we will ask you to sign a document agreeing to give us (the Cambridge Admissions Office) rights to use the photo(s) exclusively for commercial use.
  • You can submit multiple photos. For every photo we use we will give you a £5 Amazon voucher. If we use the image(s) on the virtual tour, we will also credit you as the photographer. Any images we don’t use will be deleted.

Next steps

Please send your photos to with the subject ‘A Snapshot of Cambridge’. If you are sending multiple files, you are welcome to use Wetransfer or a similar platform. In the email please include:

  • Your full name
  • Your CRSID
  • The photo title
  • Which category the photo is being considered for.
  • A brief description of what the photo features, where it was taken and (if appropriate) which department, College or facility it relates to. If your photo specifically relates to undergraduate or postgraduate activities, please tell us that too!
  • A sentence about what the photo means to you.