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Undergraduate Study


Application statistics

Number of undergraduate applications and admissions from USA:

  2013 2014 2015 2016
All applications 307 347 279 347
All offers 50 52 46 40
All admissions 23 32 25 20

Total number of students at Cambridge from USA:

  2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16
Undergraduate 63 52 68 79
Postgraduate 538 557 527 563

If a student holds more than one nationality, then the nationality given as the primary nationality is reported.

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Entry requirements

Applicants from the USA taking College Board SATs and Advanced Placement (AP) Tests should note that offers are usually made on an individual basis. High passes in the High School Diploma and the SAT are expected. Recent reforms have altered the SAT scoring system and the new format has been in place since March 2016. A detailed and updated explanation of the changes can be found on the CollegeBoard website. For applicants who took the SAT before March 2016, a high pass in the SAT equates to at least 1,400 in Critical Reading and Mathematics and also 700 or more in Writing, to give a combined score of at least 2,100. For applicants who took the new SAT (first offered in March 2016) a high pass equates to at least 730 in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and 730 in Mathematics, to give a combined score of at least 1,460. An ACT score of at least 32 out of 36 may be accepted instead of the SAT.

We also require five College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Tests at grade 5 in appropriate subjects. Please note that SAT Subject Tests are not normally viewed as being equivalent to A Level/IB Higher Level/Advanced Placement (AP) Tests.

Applicants taking College Board SATs and/or Advanced Placement (AP) Tests are required to disclose all qualifications taken and scores achieved. Failure to disclose any scores may disadvantage your application and the Cambridge Colleges reserve the right to contact your school to confirm your results.

English language requirements

If English is not your first language then any offer made is likely to include English language requirements. See which English language qualifications we accept on our English language requirements page.

Fees and finance

As an international student, fees vary between different courses. You may be eligible for a US federal loan; and limited financial support may be available from the Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust, or College funds.

If you're unsure as to whether your fee status would be Home or international, please see our fee status page.


If you think you may meet the entry requirements that we require from your country, we would suggest that you familiarise yourself with how to apply to Cambridge. There is also specific information for international applicants and an application timetable with dates and deadlines relevant for international students.

USA remote interview scheme

The University conducts a remote interview scheme for some applicants from the USA and surrounding countries. This year, remote interviews will take place in New York during 4-6 December.

A small number of Colleges don't participate in the remote interview scheme – Fitzwilliam, Girton, Jesus, King's, Magdalene. Therefore, if you wish to be considered for remote interview, you're advised not to select one of these in your application.

To be considered for the remote interview scheme, you should select 'New York [Remote Interview]' as your preferred overseas interview location in your COPA. If you're invited to be interviewed through the scheme you'll be required to travel to our video conference centre in New York, where your interview will be conducted using a video conference call. You'll also be required to pay a remote interview fee – the fee for remote interviews held in 2017 will be £80. Further information on this payment and when to pay it will be provided in the correspondence inviting you to attend an interview.

Please note that remote interviews aren't possible for some courses; and remote interviews can't be guaranteed for all courses included in the scheme (depending on availability of interviewers).

Remote interview considered In-person interview only

Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic; Architecture; Asian and Middle Eastern Studies; Classics; Economics; Education; English; Geography; History; History and Modern Languages; History and Politics; History of Art; Human, Social, and Political Sciences; Land Economy; Law; Linguistics; Modern and Medieval Languages; Music; Philosophy; Psychological and behavioural Sciences; Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion

Computer Science, Engineering (including Chemical Engineering via Engineering), Mathematics, Medicine (including Graduate Medicine), Natural Sciences (including Chemical Engineering via Natural Sciences), Veterinary Medicine

Admissions Assessments

Please also refer to the information about admission assessments. If the course you’re applying for requires you to take a pre-interview written assessment, you must be registered in advance for the assessment. The assessment centre where you’ll take the assessment must register you (you can’t register yourself) by the relevant assessment registration deadline.

International Events

The University of Cambridge attends some events overseas where our representatives will be happy to chat with you and answer any questions you may have about applying to and studying at the University. To find out when we are visiting your country please visit the International Events webpage.