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The University of Cambridge has established a travel fund to enable children in (or previously in) care to travel to events organised by the University and Colleges of Cambridge. This includes:

  • department/faculty open days
  • College open days
  • Cambridge Open Days
  • FE or mature open days
  • Insight Taster Day
  • College Taster Days

After you have submitted your application, we will explore what financial support could be made available by your Local Authority. Should they be unable to provide you with support, we will assist with your arrangements. This assistance will usually come in the form of a rail warrant or financial support in securing travel, within the UK, by other means of public transport.

Please apply as early as possible to allow for your application to be assessed by the Cambridge Admissions Office.

To be eligible, you must be in Year 11 or above, and have spent at least three months in the care of a UK Local Authority since starting Year 10.

Apply for the Travel Fund

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