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Undergraduate Study


About the Undergraduate Study website

The University of Cambridge Undergraduate Study website is produced and maintained by the Cambridge Admissions Office (CAO). The site contains all of the information from our printed Undergraduate Prospectus plus additional links and resources, and information released or amended after the printed Prospectus was published.

If you require further information about the undergraduate admissions website, please contact us.


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website. However, changes and developments are part of the life of the University and Colleges, and alterations may occur to fees, courses, staff and services described. The University and Colleges reserve the right, without notice, to withdraw courses, revise fees at any time before or after the applicants admission. The University accepts no responsibility for any errors, nor for the failure of a College to comply with the procedures here described. In the event of a discrepancy between information provided by the University and Colleges, please refer to the relevant College Admissions Office for advice.


Cambridge Admissions Office, Cambridge Admissions Forum and the Cambridge Colleges .

Design and implementation

Cambridge Admissions Office. Technical support provided by the University Information Service (UIS).


All text, images and other content on this website is copyright of the University of Cambridge unless explicitly stated otherwise. It may only be downloaded or copied without first obtaining permission, for the purposes of teaching, administration and research within the University, or for personal, non-commercial use. If you wish to reproduce website content in any other way, or for any other purpose, you must first contact the Cambridge Admissions Office for permission.

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