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Important changes to dates for 2022

Changes have been made to this year's registration deadlines and test dates for all pre-registration assessments other than LNAT.

Revised dates for BMAT, TMUA, ENGAA and NSAA are shown below.

Applications for 2023 entry

The timeline below outlines key application dates and deadlines for 2023 entry.

September 2022

Early September: UCAS Apply opens.

1 September: Organ Scholarships application and transcript deadline.

11 September: Organ Scholarships reference deadline.

15 September: LNAT registration deadline (for Law applicants)

30 September (6pm UK time):

October 2022

15 October:

18 October: BMAT and TMUA pre-registration assessments taken.

19 October: ENGAA and NSAA pre-registration assessments taken.

22 October:

December 2022

Interviews - the majority of interviews take place in the first three weeks of December (some may be a little earlier).

January 2023

Winter pool takes place and decisions posted to applicants. A small number of applicants may be asked to take part in a further interview.

25 January: Foundation Year application deadline.

February 2023

15 February: Choral Awards application deadline.

28 February: Instrumental Awards application deadline.

March 2023

1 March:

  • Second round applications deadline for mature students applying to a mature College (restrictions apply).
  • Extended deadline for mature students for Law to take the LNAT pre-registration assessment, if applying to a mature College in the March application round.

May-June 2023

A Levels, IB and other examinations taken – including STEP, where required.

August 2023

Examination results published and confirmation of conditional offers for 2023 entry (or deferred entry in 2024) that have been met – all conditional offers must be met by the deadline set by UCAS unless otherwise specified.

Cambridge Application Deadline

15 OCT

Next application deadline:
15 October 2022
(6pm UK time)

University term dates

Each academic year consists of three eight-week terms:

4 Oct - 2 Dec 2022 (Michaelmas)
17 Jan - 17 Mar 2023 (Lent)
25 Apr - 16 Jun 2023 (Easter)

3 Oct - 1 Dec 2023 (Michaelmas)
16 Jan - 15 Mar 2024 (Lent)
23 Apr - 14 Jun 2024 (Easter)