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Undergraduate Study


Shortly after submitting your UCAS application, you'll be asked via email to complete an online Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ). In order to make a valid application to the University of Cambridge, you must submit your SAQ by the deadline set. In the majority of cases this deadline will be 18.00 (UK time) on 22 October. If you wish to be interviewed in Malaysia or Singapore this deadline will be 18.00 (UK time) on 26 September. If a different deadline applies to you, your College will notify you of the date. If you’re in any doubt about the deadline by which you must complete the SAQ, please contact the College as soon as possible to check.

The purpose of the SAQ is to ensure that we have complete and consistent information about all applicants. It also enables us to collect information that's not part of the UCAS application but is helpful when assessing applications, such as the topics you've covered as part of your AS/A Level (or equivalent) courses (which helps our interviewers decide which questions to ask).

What does the SAQ look like?

The SAQ is divided into eight sections. These sections make up the horizontal navigation displayed along the top of each page.

  1. Application Type
  2. Photograph
  3. Personal Details
  4. BMAT Number
  5. Education
  6. Qualifications
  7. Additional Information
  8. Submit

Each of the eight sections contains a number of pages with a series of questions to complete. Questions are accompanied by a ‘Help Text’ panel that provides guidance. Further help is available in the Guide to Completing the SAQ and a list of frequently asked questions is available on the SAQ FAQ page.

It is very important that you follow the instructions and use the personal log in details contained in your SAQ email. It will take a short time for your application to be processed, therefore you won't receive an email from us immediately after submitting your UCAS application – it can take up to 48 hours to receive your SAQ email from the time you submit your UCAS application. We recommend that you check the inbox and spam/junk folder of the email account used in your UCAS application on a regular basis.

If you're unable to complete the SAQ online (because you don't have a valid email address or as a result of a disability), please contact the Cambridge Admissions Office as soon as possible (email: