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Insight Discover is a school-based programme, and Insight Discover students must attend one of the participating schools we work with across Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and West Norfolk. Schools are responsible for selecting students to join the programme, based on a number of criteria. If you are a school interested in taking part in the Insight programme see Insight for Schools for more information.

Students follow Insight Discover from Year 7 through to Year 8 and aim to develop key academic skills, such as metacognition and self-efficacy, to support them in their academic work. In addition, the programme provides students with the opportunity to explore different possibilities open to them in the future and consider the pathway they need to take to reach their goals.

During the programme, students will visit the University of Cambridge, and work on a series of projects before graduating at the end of Year 8. In Year 7 and Year 8 students take part in a mentoring programme, where current students at the University of Cambridge support the participants to complete a project over a period of 3 weeks. Each project cumulates in a virtual Project Showcase in which students have the opportunity to present their work and share it with others.

We are proud to be working closely with both schools and supporters on Insight Discover. Each school working with us has a Lead Contact who liaises with our Project Coordinator. In addition, we maintain close contact with parents and supporters throughout the programme and encourage parents and carers to actively involve themselves in the projects. Insight Discover students are able to progress on to Insight Explore in Year 9.

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