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Undergraduate Study

Total number of students at Cambridge from Singapore 2017-18
Undergraduate 265
Postgraduate 114

If a student holds more than one nationality, then the nationality given as the primary nationality is reported.

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Entry requirements

Typical Offer Level

Applicants taking the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Advanced Levels would be expected to be taking four subjects at H2 Level. The typical offer level would be AAAA at H2 Level. Applicants should take relevant H3 subjects where these are available to them. Where H3 subjects are being taken the typical offer level would be AAA at H2 Level, plus at least a Merit or Distinction in one H3 Level. A H3 Merit could replace a H2.

The Cambridge Colleges welcome applications from those taking Knowledge & Inquiry as a fourth H2 (contrasting subject). If you plan on taking Knowledge & Inquiry as one of your three ‘subject relevant’ H2s please contact the College that you wish to apply to directly for further advice and guidance.

Typical offers for applicants taking the National University of Singapore High School Diploma are made on a case-by-case basis and would be based on achieving a High Distinction, or a Distinction when accompanied by additional qualifications such as APs. Applicants taking the the National University of Singapore High School Diploma are encouraged to take relevant subjects to the highest possible level within the Diploma.

Singapore Polytechnic Diplomas

Typical Offer Level

Singapore Polytechnic Diploma students will be considered for Arts. Humanities and Social Sciences courses (including Economics) and Psychological and Behavioural Sciences. The typical offer level would be a GPA of 3.85 or higher. It is very important that you are studying subject relevant modules in your Diploma, and you should contact the College that you wish to apply to directly for further advice and guidance.

A Singapore Polytechnic Diploma on its own will not be considered suitable preparation for a competitive application to Cambridge science courses (excluding Psychological and Behavioural Sciences). You will also need to undertake further study. Examples of suitable further study include relevant science Olympiads, SAT Subject Tests, A Levels, the International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP) Tests, or possibly the first year of an undergraduate degree at a university outside the UK.

We recommend that you contact the College that you wish to apply to directly for further advice and guidance.

English language requirements

If English is not your first language then any offer made is likely to include English language requirements. See which English language qualifications we accept on our English language requirements page.

Fees and finance

As an international student, fees vary between different courses. Limited financial support may be available from the Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust, or College funds.

If you're unsure as to whether your fee status would be Home or international, please see our fee status page.


If you think you may meet the entry requirements that we require from your country, we would suggest that you familiarise yourself with how to apply to Cambridge. There is also specific information for international applicants and an application timetable with dates and deadlines relevant for international students.

Admissions Assessments

Please also refer to the information about admission assessments. If the course you’re applying for requires you to take a pre-interview written assessment, you must be registered in advance for the assessment. The assessment centre where you’ll take the assessment must register you (you can’t register yourself) by the relevant assessment registration deadline.


The University conducts admissions interviews in Singapore. Please refer to the information on our overseas interviews page for full details.

International Events

The University of Cambridge attends some events overseas where our representatives will be happy to chat with you and answer any questions you may have about applying to and studying at the University. To find out when we are visiting your country please visit the International Events webpage.