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Summer School subjects at Cambridge

Our Summer Schools programme includes a wide variety of courses in Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Opening up new subjects and concepts, these Summer Schools are designed to provide an insight into what studying at university is like and what the University can offer to interested, inquisitive students. While you may recognise a number of the streams available from subjects you have studied at school, we encourage everyone to explore some of the new and exciting courses that the University has to offer.

The University of Cambridge programme of Summer Schools are listed below. Each Summer School links to full details on The Sutton Trust website.

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences subjects

Summer School Online week
Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic 9-13 August 2021
Archaeology and Biological Anthropology 2-6 August 2021
Architecture 2-6 August 2021
Asian and Middle Eastern Studies  2-6 August 2021
Classics 26-30 July 2021
Economics 26-30 July 2021
Education 2-6 August 2021
English 26-30 July 2021
Geography 9-13 August 2021
History 26-30 July 2021
History of Art 2-6 August 2021
Human Social and Political Science 26-30 July 2021
Law 26-30 July 2021
Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics 26-30 July 2021
Music 9-13 August 2021
Theology, Religious Studies, and Philosophy 9-13 August 2021

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics subjects

Summer School Online week
Biological Sciences: Biochemistry 9-13 August 2021
Biological Sciences: Zoology 9-13 August 2021
Chemical Engineering 9-13 August 2021
Chemistry 2-6 August 2021
Computer Science 2-6 August 2021
Engineering 9-13 August 2021
Mathematics 9-13 August 2021
Medicine 26-30 July 2021
Physics 26-30 July 2021
Psychological and Behavioural Sciences 26-30 July 2021
Veterinary Medicine  26-30 July 2021

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