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What is the Instrumental Awards for Chamber Music scheme?

The Instrumental Awards for Chamber Music scheme exists to promote chamber music amongst students of the University. It is an intercollegiate scheme which is open to undergraduates and graduates at all Colleges.

Award holders comprise chamber musicians from across the University, many of whom will follow in the footsteps of their predecessors to pursue professional careers as performers of chamber music. Students audition for places at the beginning of each academic year and are placed in groups by the managers of the scheme to work together for the remainder of the year. Groups often play together for the whole of their time at Cambridge and are encouraged to develop long-term relationships together as chamber musicians.

The Scheme not only provides Award holders with financial assistance of up to £200 towards individual instrumental lessons, but also regular coaching as a group from leading specialist chamber musicians including Maggie Faultless, Martin Outram, Melanie Ragge, and Andrew West. Award holders have also received coaching from members of the Amatis Trio and Doric String Quartet. 

Regular performances are important ways for our students to develop musically as individuals and as chamber groups and groups give regular recitals throughout the year.

Award Managers

  • Dr S J Barrett, Director of the IAS
  • Prof Margaret Faultless, Performance Director
  • Dr Martin Ennis
  • Christopher Lawrence
  • Dr Paul Wingfield 
  • Chloe Davidson


Centre for Music Performance