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Interviews in 2021

As an international applicant, if you are invited to interview this will take place virtually. This may be with the admissions team in the College you applied to (or were allocated to), or you may be interviewed by the international interviews team for certain subjects.

The international interviews team generally conducts interviews earlier (in October and November), which allows for additional capacity to invite candidates for interview in over-subscribed subjects. By applying to be interviewed by the international interviews team, this means you are willing to be interviewed either by that team or by the College. We will confirm who will interview you when you receive your interview invite. Regardless of who interviews you, the aims and format of the interview will be the same.

Interviews for international applicants generally happen in October and November (or December if you are interviewed by the College) and we will try to schedule your interview during the daytime or evening in your time zone. There is an earlier application deadline of 20 September 2021 for the October interview slots with the international interviews team, which are reserved for candidates in time zones of GMT + 7 hours or more, though candidates in China and Hong Kong should apply by 15 October for interviews in November with the international team or December with the College.

Throughout the admissions process, Admissions Tutors and interviewers will be assessing your English language skills as well as your academic ability. You will be expected to have a good standard of spoken English to take part in the interviews. Please check our English language requirements page for more detail.

For more general information on what a Cambridge interview entails, please see our Interviews pages.

In-Country interviews

In previous years, we have conducted in-country interviews in some locations for international applicants. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic all interviews will be conducted virtually for candidates applying for 2022 entry (or deferred 2023 entry). This means the in-country interviews won’t be happening in their usual format this year, but may go ahead again in future years.