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Undergraduate Study


What is Adjustment?

Adjustment is an optional UCAS service for students who meet and exceed the conditions of their firm choice. It gives them an opportunity to reconsider where and what to study, without losing their secured place.

Why is Cambridge using Adjustment?

The University wants the best-qualified students to study here in Cambridge. Adjustment will allow some students who have out-performed the terms of their firm choice offer the opportunity for further consideration.

How do I become eligible for UCAS Adjustment?

If you have met all of the conditions of your conditional-firm choice, and exceeded at least one of them, you can look for another place without losing your original offer. More information is available on the UCAS website.

To be considered by Cambridge during Adjustment you must also have applied and been interviewed during the 2018/19 cycle, meet the relevant widening participation criteria and have achieved at least the typical offer for the Cambridge course you applied for.

I received an email saying I can apply to Cambridge via Adjustment – why?

Letters were sent to all applicants who were interviewed by a Cambridge College as part of the 2018/19 admissions cycle and not made an offer in January, but whose application was flagged as meeting our widening participation criteria. 

I received the email and I am interested in Adjustment - what do I need to do now?

Once you have your results, please check carefully that you are eligible for UCAS Adjustment (having met all of the conditions of your offer and exceeded at least one) and that you have achieved at least the typical offer for the Cambridge course you applied for. If you are both eligible for UCAS Adjustment and have achieved at least the typical offer for the Cambridge course you applied for, you can register your interest via the online form on Thursday 15 August 2019 between 08:00 and 13:00 (UK time) in order to be considered.

Will you contact me again in August if I achieve the right grades and there are places available on my course?

No. We are unable to contact you again, therefore you must register your interest via the online form on Thursday 15 August 2019 between 08:00 and 13:00 (UK time) if you wish to be considered.

Will I be interviewed again?

No. Adjustment applicants will not normally be required to undertake a further interview.

I don't meet the widening participation criteria; can I still be considered?

No. We will only consider applications through Adjustment from applicants who meet our widening participation criteria.

I meet a number of widening participation criteria but have not received an email, what shall I do?

We will consider Adjustment applicants who meet specific widening participation criteria which support our ongoing commitment to the Office for Students. This involves meeting at least three of five contextual flags or having spent time in local authority care or being a mature applicant from an underrepresented background. Those who meet these criteria will have received an email from the Director of Admissions for the Cambridge Colleges; please check your emails carefully. If you have misplaced the email, or believe it has gone astray, please contact  clearly indicating your name and UCAS Personal ID.

I am from a background traditionally under-represented at Cambridge and other universities but I didn’t apply to Cambridge – can I apply via Adjustment?

We will only consider applications from those who applied to, and were interviewed by, Cambridge in the main application cycle. These applicants will have undertaken the full Cambridge application process including any admissions assessments and written work.

Why is Cambridge only considering students from backgrounds which are under-represented during Adjustment?

Cambridge wishes to increase the number of students from widening participation backgrounds attending the University. Where students from WP backgrounds whose original applications were not successful go on to achieve outstanding results, we want to open up the possibility for them to be reconsidered.

Why were students from under-represented backgrounds not offered a place as part of the main admissions cycle?

Students apply to Cambridge a year before the start of the course. Some students on an upward academic trajectory may not be demonstrating their full potential at this point. Adjustment provides students who go on to achieve very highly with an opportunity to be reconsidered once they have their final results.

If I move house between now and August, will I still be eligible?

Eligibility is based upon the address provided to UCAS as part of your original application in autumn 2018. Therefore subsequent changes of address will not impact upon eligibility.

Will places be available for all courses?

In 2019, places will be available for all undergraduate courses via Adjustment - see Adjustment 2019 for the full list.

Can I apply for a different course from the one I originally applied?

No. We will only consider applications for the course originally applied for. This is to ensure that the application has been fully considered for the appropriate course of study, including the relevant admissions assessment and interview.

I applied for Mathematics / Mathematics with Physics / Computer Science with Mathematics – will STEP be a requirement during Adjustment?

Yes. Applicants being considered for these courses during Adjustment will need to have taken STEP II and III.

I am unable to exceed my conditional-firm offer of A*A*A*. Am I eligible for Adjustment?

UCAS requires students to meet and exceed the terms of their conditional-firm offer to be eligible for Adjustment. If you meet a conditional-firm offer of A*A*A* please contact us on Thursday 15 August between 08:00 and 13:00 (UK time) for further advice.

Will accommodation be available to those who secured a place through Adjustment?

Yes. Cambridge Colleges provide accommodation to all single undergraduate students. See for more information.

Will Adjustment impact on my eligibility for a bursary?

Securing a place through Adjustment will not impact upon awards for the Cambridge Bursary; all eligible students will receive the relevant payment. See for more information.