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Chris' Experience

I got into the Realise programme because I was encouraged by my carer Brian who said it would be a good opportunity to learn what university life was like.  I agreed to go as I was toying with the idea of going to university after completing my A Levels. 

When I thought of university before I went, I thought the University would be full of highly boring intellectuals and intelligent people. The person who really changed my perception of university in the end was a lecturer who had a very good knowledge and understanding of ice cores which seemed at the beginning to be very boring but he loved ice cores so much he made me realise that some people can make you enthusiastic by the excitement they create.

The best part of the Realise programme was of course the food and also the friendliness and understanding of the organisers Claire and Rachael. They came across as fascinated by all things and also by the people talking, they tried to get a real insight of people they were working with to provide the best experience to those who were taking part in the event.

The best advice I have ever received was from my carer Brian who said you never know what's going to happen before you try it. This is an important piece of advice especially for universities, as whatever you think before you go in this could be wrong and anyone can fit in.

Thank you for a wonderful experience, you have opened my eyes to a wealth of opportunities. 

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